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Gwanda Rural District Councilors who took housing loans under a government facility have resolved to engage the Minister of Local Government and Public Works, July Moyo to request an extension as they are struggling to clear their debts with a few months left before their term of office ends.

According to the latest council minutes, the councillors were offered stands and Khayelitsha in Colleen Bawn.

Payments are supposed to be settled before August 23 when the country goes for elections.

“Reconciliation and validation of council reveal that most councilors will owe substantial amounts of money especially those who benefitted from houses giving a high probability of non-clearance before the end of their term,” read the minutes.

“A way forward was sought in an effort for the councilors’ stands and houses to be fully paid for before the term of office comes to an end.”

A recommendation was then made to write a letter to the local government minister seeking an extension beyond their term of office.

In a related matter, the district council has extended the settlement period for stand owners who have also been struggling to pay their monthly instalments.

“Finance Committee number 3 of 2023 recommended that Management comprehensively present the status of payments made in regards to houses and residential stands at Colleen Bawn Khayelitsha village, at the same time looking at appeals emanating thereof.

“An interim extension period had been granted during the previous sitting to the 27th of April 2023 with possibilities of offer withdrawal if terms and conditions are on the verge of serious violation.”

The district council said they will however stick to its terms and conditions in compliance to its housing policy on the deposit payment but extends the settlements of such with a period of three months lapsing 31 July 2023 as an enabler to disadvantaged clients who have made appeal in a strict effort to realize value for money while disposing estate/ assets.

The first instalment being 50 percent of the required deposit amount while strictly complying to set agreement terms and conditions,” read the minutes.