Norton Independent Member of Parliament Temba Mliswa says the government should promote the use of the local currency to stabilise the economy and also to get rid of the auction backlog.

Apparently, he says, in the interim the government is operating for a profit like the private sector, competing with it and the result is the current economic mess.

Mliswa says the problem isn’t the private sector or the forex dealers who have been arrested.

He adds that the Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries has revealed in it’s report that Gvt has over US$400 million which is stashed.

“That money isn’t doing anything. It could have been used to clear the auction backlog. What is it kept for?” Asks Mliswa.

He points out that most of the companies who are being taxed in forex are also now withholding their money.

“The Ministry of Finance is culpable for this mess not RBZ.

“RBZ is only the lender of last resort and monitors the monetary system,” says Mliswa.