Zimbabwe’s security forces have killed two gunmen who shot and killed a soldier in Chivhu yesterday.

The killing of the alleged gunmen happened just hours after they allegedly committed the crime.

However, some analysts have blasted the President Emmerson Mnangagwa led government for the swiftness in locating and killing the alleged gunmen, but failing to locate those committing abductions and torturing of government critics.

Apparently, for some it has become a common scene that a number of critics to Mnangagwa’s ‘brutal’ rule have been subjected to abductions, beatings, and torture by alleged state agents.

Though, the state has been vehemently denying the allegations, its failure to track, investigate, and bring the abductors to book is cause for concern.

Human Rights Watch Southern Africa Region Director, Dewa Mavhinga believes that if the government use same seriousness and pace in tracking abductors as it has done with the gunmen, such abductors could have been arrested and brought to book by now.

“Within hours of the alleged crime, the two Chivhu gunmen who shot and killed a soldier had been located & killed.

“Government failure to investigate abductions and torture seems deliberate,” he noted.

Another analyst, Pedzisai Ruhanya says it could have been ideal to arrest and prosecute the two criminals than to kill them.

“Who will tell the story of what happened? This type of justice is not unacceptable. This is the regime we face in Zimbabwe.

“These people were killed in forest. Why not try them, why conceal evidence. What is the message bring send here? God forbid. This is Chivhu!!” He said.