Pastor Robert Martin Gumbura the polygamist jail-bird has dropped a bombshell saying his wives are free to re-marry given that they are still young and have bedroom needs.

“I had hope that I would leave the prison one day but after losing several court appeals, I have to accept that freedom may never come. My life is behind these walls. This is why I have decided to let my wives re-marry instead of waiting for me. I have to spend 35 more years behind bars, that’s too much,” Gumbura told reporters.

“I don’t suspect them of cheating and have nothing against my wives. But l am imprisoned here, it’s only fair for my wives to move on if they wish to.

“Yes, I am still their husband but there is more to marriage, you have to be intimate as husband and wife. I should be providing for my wives as a husband, so they can’t be holding on to me because I am not there.”

But Gumbura’s wives have vowed that they are not going anywhere.

The women are keeping themselves busy running Gumbura’s businesses which include a farm and a gold mine.

Family spokesperson Queen Bunga, who is the second wife to the jailed preacher, said Gumbura’s church is still operational.

Could it be the money holding the family together?

Bunga says they are loyal to their husband, and are not hanging on to the marriage for the love of riches.

“In tough times, we find strength in each other. We comfort one another and these are the advantages of being in a polygamous marriage,” she said.

“We pledged our love and allegiance to baba (Gumbura). We remain hopeful that one day he will be released.”

Queen Bunga said some Gumbura close family members were pressuring them to re-marry.

“They want us gone but we are loyal and won’t leave. We love our husband wholeheartedly. We will visit him regularly until he is released,” she said.

“Even after his release, our husband can marry more wives. His absence has changed us for the better, we are united as a family.” state media