President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa says Gukurahundi issue has nothing to do with the country’s detractors, and they should mind their own businesses.

He lambasted the so called detractors for trying to use the Gukurahundi issue to divide Zimbabweans.

“To external detractors who seek to maintain Gukurahundi as a perennial fountain of conflict, I say to you, LINGENA NGAPHI?

“It is pleasing to note that these mischievous actors have not succeeded and they will not succeed,” says President

He was speaking while launching the Gukurahundi Community Consultations and Engagement Programme at Bulawayo State House this afternoon.

The President of the Chief’s Council Senator Charumbira handed over 1 of the Report on the Gukurahundi Community Consultations between the National Chiefs Council and the Chiefs Mat North and South and the society and Volume 2 of the Manual for Community Engagements to Mnangagwa.

The President took a deliberate decision that the Gukurahundi issues affected communities which are presided over by chiefs.

He says in rural communities chiefs are the leaders of those communities. Customs are going to be respected in each community.