Mr Stanley Dako Goreraza , Former husband to Zimbabwe First Lady Grace Mugabe, has sent a message expressing his anger and anguish over the presidency of Robert Mugabe.

Goreraza is an outspoken Air Force of Zimbabwe wing commander, currently working as an intelligence attache’  to India.

Grace was still married to Goreraza when she had her three younger children with  President Mugabe(Bona, Robert jr and Chatunga) while working as his secretary.

Goreraza and Grace divorced in 1995 when Bona and Robert jr were already born.

Grace then married Robert Mugabe in 1996.

Below is an unrestrained attack on Mugabe posted online by Goreraza, raising fears that the man has lost all respect for his boss, the President of Zimbabwe.

Picture: Grace's ex-husband ;Goreraza' was 'promoted' to work abroad by Mugabe

Picture: Grace’s ex-husband Goreraza was ‘promoted’ to work abroad by Mugabe

Goreraza portrays his boss as a man of evil!

“When you have done great evil, you can never be free, becoming a fugitive hiding behind power. You might not be behind bars, but are a prisoner behind power. For you cannot freely walk among ordinary people without power protecting you,” he rants at Mugabe.
Goreraza sees Mugabe as a prisoner of his own misrule;
“Power becomes your prison and in it there is no resting. You become afraid of stepping out of power, afraid all the evil you have done will step out with you to be seen by all. So you and your evil hide behind titles and ceremonies. Inside power you are tortured like a man deprived of sleep, a man denied of rest. The evil you have done denies you peace and rest, even as you hide behind the safety of power.

Father to Grace’s oldest son ‘Russell’ Mr Goreraza has been living outside Zimbabwe since 2000

“Without rest you begin to even sleep on your feet. You are running and running and will continue running from truth and justice. You will run and hide until death finds you. But where will you run and hide from the justice that comes after death? Will you be able to evade the just scales weighed by an inescapable God? You believe the lies you have told yourself for so long. You believe you will be able to outsmart God as you have done with us mere mortals for so long. Lies can work against men, not God.”, he said.
Goreraza has a son with Grace Mugabe named Russel.