A Kwekwe based nurse involved in  the mysterious death of a patient who was allegedly poisoned in an elaborate insurance fraud scam has been jailed.

Renica Chakabvapasi(30) connived with her boyfriend, Takarwa Mugwangi(48), was arrested early this year for killing  a patient Lee Mazarire(26).

The crime was uncovered by insurance investigators after the pair cashed $5000 from Old Mutual Life Assurance Company using identity documents belonging to Mazarire.

Yesterday, a Kwekwe judge Nduna found Chakabvapasi guilty of defrauding Old Mutual of $10 000 in a scam in which she fraudulently opened funeral cash benefit policy accounts for two terminally-ill patients, who she allegedly targeted at the hospital.

Nduna found Chakabvapasi guilty on two counts, which have so far been brought before him, and sentenced her to two-and-a-half years in jail on each count.

The court suspended two years of the sentence on condition that she refunds $10 000 to Old Mutual.

Chakabvapasi and her lover, Tkarwa Godwin Mugwangi, who is on the run, will appear in court again over murder charge and five more counts of fraud involving $5 000 each.