Interesting. Very interesting! The former President, Robert Mugabe has given President Mnangagwa’s victory his stamp of approval. Both sides have shown great maturity by warming up to each other and putting the past where it belongs, in the past. They can now move forward as their followers and supporters will follow their lead, bury the hatchet and breathe the same air again.

Being able to let go of the past is the first step towards forgiveness and reconciliation. Forgiveness is not just a virtue but forgiveness is divine. Every time you forgive, you touch the heart of God and force him to smile upon you. If He was angry with you and planning to punish you, His mercy will dilute his anger. Instead of punishment you will get a blessing.

For Zimbabwe to move on we have to forgive each other. The current animosity and ill feelings are polluting and poisoning any chances of putting the country on a new track and on the path to a change in fortunes. The Independent media is guilty of setting an agenda of putting up road blocks to National consensus, reconciliation, acceptance and unity. Their articles and stories are deliberately designed to produce and perpetuate existing and new hostilities between competing political corners. It’s as iresponsible as it is immoral. State media is in the habit of gloating and mocking opposition supporters when they should be leading in advancing the Presidents message of reconciliation, togetherness and unity.

Opposition leaders have a choice. They can put their election grievances above the National cause or the can put the National cause above election grievances and put their weight towards this National emergency that is killing Zimbabwe piece by piece, the economic crisis.

It is pride that is in the way of the opposition coming out to put their hands into the hand of the presidents. They think it will make them look weak but it actually gives them strength in that regional and international leaders will be satisfied with them doing this and they will give them their time and ears. It makes those who want to assist Zimbabwe find it easier to do so. stanley goreraza