Former Commissioner General of Police Augustine Chihuri says Susan Mutami was flown to China in order to launch attacks on the then Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Chihuri says as a person with access to all intelligence at thetime, he was against the idea, but the then first lady Grace Mugabe (Dr Amai) prevailed in the plot.

“I was Police Commissioner General with access to all intelligence. I was one of the few despite our differences with ED who was against buying out Susan Mutami and flying her to Beijing to attack the then Vice President.

“My gut feelings were against totally. But as u know, Dr Amai prevailed,” he says.

Meanwhile, Chihuri also claims that opposition parties Movement for Democraic Change and/ or Citizens Coalition for Change paid people to denigrate Zimbabwe in New York.

“I have just advised my compatriots, that MDC/CCC groups have paid USD500 to some rascals hired to join Susan Mutami in New York to denigrate Zimbabwe.

“They are thinking they can dwarf calls to end sanctions on Zimbabwe. They want to start at 4pm. Those hired are demanding USD500,” said Chihuri.

Chihuri was one of senior officials fired from government when President Mnangagwa took over the reins through a military coup.