The Public Service Commission has announced that civil servants will be paid a minimum salary of ZWL 12 591.15.

The PSC Permanent Secretary Ambassador J. Wutawunashe issued a statement on Wednesday saying, “The Public Service Commission is pleased to advise Government workers that the USD 75 Covid 19 allowance for September 2020 is being paid today.

“Going forward, the USD 75 Covid allowance will be paid on pay days. This effectively means that the least paid worker (B1) is now earning ZWL 141 350.16 monthly, while a teacher at entry grade (D1) earns a total of ZWL 12 591.15.”

The Ambassador added that the government was grateful to the civil servants who were rendering services regardless of the difficult challenges.

“The USD 75 allowance is indexed to the prevailing RBZ foreign exchange auction rate. Government would like to record its appreciation for civil servants in all categories who continue to render services to the citizens of Zimbabwe.

“Government is committed to continuously improve the working conditions of civil servants, and hopes that negotiations in the National Joint Negotiating Council (NJNC) to further improve emoluments for civil servants will be concluded soon.” -Bulawayo24