The Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ) has accused the government of disrupting learning in schools.

“Gvt is disrupting learning in schools by suspending & threatening to fire teachers.

“Our trs are working for 2 days per week but the gvt can’t allow trs to work.

“We will not watch as gvt harass trs & disrupt learning we are engaging federation of teachers unions to go back on a full scale job action,” says ARTUZ.

The teachers have blamed the government for using soldiers to threaten the educators.

“A new low by @edmnangagwa gvt. Soldiers have been deployed in schools in the Frisk area in Mutare.

“The soldiers are addressing trs demanding to know the trs who were not reporting for duty and their Unions.

“The soldiers are threatening and harassing trs disrupting learning,” added the body.”