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Goreraza: Tongogara had 3 gunshot wounds, Was murdered…Muchinguri is lying

By Stanley Goreraza: I don’t believe Oppah Muchingura. Not even for a second. She is being disingenuous about what really happened to General Tongogara.

First, the KGB, the CIA, Rhodesian Special Branch were all in agreement that Tongo was assassinated and these organizations, especially the CIA and KGB did not deal in rumours and gossip but credible triple sourced Intelligence backed by evidence. They would not have reached that conclusion without the highest level of confidence after exhaustive analysis.

Second, The Rhodesian Police revealed that Tongo had 3 wounds consistent with gunshot wounds based on post mortem examinations, backing what the KGB and CIA knew.

Thirdly, why did the former President forbid Tongo’s wife from viewing the body of her husband? They obviously did not want her confirming what everyone else already knew. They knew she would inquisitively exam rather than view the body.

And why would Oppah be summoned by the former President and intimidated by the presence of uniform clad Generals Mujuru, Tungamirai and Zvinavashe and ordered to hand over the book. Why were they afraid of a book of that nature?

Tongo presented the most clear and credible threat to the future political careers of many people who had different and to a large extent opposing political plans to his.

To have us believe Tongo died in an accident is to have us believe General Mujuru died in a fire accidentally caused by a candle. That is B*******

stanley goreraza


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