By Stanley Goreraza| Stop it Mr President. It’s absolutely immoral to spend $750 000 of the trickles in treasury to fetch one person from overseas , who is very much able to find their way home, has the means and resources in abundance to do so.

It is further immoral to spend more money which is not there on a private funeral which had absolutely nothing to do with the State just because you want to get into the good books of that family.

All in all you spent not less than a million American dollars on a funeral. That $1 million could have repaired all the potholes in Mufakose, Mbare and Highfields if not more!

You now see your priorities? Zanupf always puts itself first. Zanupf takes care of itself first before the Nation, leaving little to nothing for the rest of the country.

This economic focus you talk about doesn’t work if you continue with the same old wasteful spending culture of Zanupf. You could have made much, much cheaper arrangements. You must scale down your traveling, the size of your entourage and frequency of travel.

Financial discipline and responsible spending is the key to economic recovery. Mthuli Ncube must get this understood by the President and Zanupf. If they are not willing to cooperate with him then he’ll have to follow in the footsteps of Nkosana Moyo and Simba Makoni.

Mari yese yenyika inoperera mukufadza neku chengeta ma Politicians. Zvinoita here izvozvo? This must stop otherwise every Zimbabwean is going to be entitled to a chartered plane to attend to an emergency back home and it’s only fair. No one is so special than others.