Stanley Goreraza | The question is not “will the Mdc ever win against Zanupf?” but “will the Mdc ever remove Zanupf?”. It has been proven that you can win against Zanupf but that doesn’t mean you have removed Zanupf. Winning is very possible, but taking power from Zanupf is what is proving next to impossible.

The Chamisa’s and Biti’s seem not to have figured this out. Almost 20 years later they still insist on winning against Zanupf.

Most if not all of the world has accepted the Constitutional Courts ruling and have accepted President Mnangagwa as legitimately elected. The Mdc has no international and regional support in it’s corner which gives them no propulsion for forward mobility in their fight. The ordinary people of Zimbabwe, though feeling cheated, will soldier on with their priority agenda, survival. Survival is what Zimbabweans know best and what preoccupies and dominates their pursuits. This leaves the Mdc with not much in troops to stand in the trenches and take the war to Zanupf.

The Mdc is not weighing its options with the aid of practical logic but emotions, face saving and grandstanding. They are rattling the sabre to psyche up and get their base worked up. They are threatening to bite but so far they have not shown teeth. They claimed to be in possession of irrefutable evidence of rigging through V11 forms and that these would be produced in court, but they turned up nothing, which cost them more than 3 million which they now expect the ordinary people to pay.

You are not going to remove Zanupf by taking them to court or the African Union or much less Sadc. These are all played out moves, moves taken before and did not work. These moves continue being recycled, producing the same results. “We will demonstrate, we will go to court, we will go to the AU and Sadc. We will exhaust all exhausted avenues” Everything they do comes out of the exhaust pipe as nothing but smoke.

What opposition supporters need to do is demand delivery. We give you one term to remove Zanupf, find a way to remove Zanupf and if you fail we say bye bye to you. No excuses! You will find that they will roll up their sleeves and put on their thinking caps.

But Zimbabweans have great tolerance for failure. They buy in all manner of excuses. They create political gods through adulation. In the end their beloved political leaders can do nothing wrong, even when they mess up big time.

Who is blamed for the opposition loss in these elections? Zanupf! In progressive and advanced countries, the opposition would be blamed for their own loss by their supporters. What has the opposition done in the way of diluting the rural vote? The rural vote is not going to go to Harvest House but Harvest House has to go to the rural areas. Things like that!

But the bottom line is win or lose Zanu-PF will never remove itself. It’s going to take a lot of brain velocity or we will have to wait for another 15 November miracle.