For the first time since 26 May, Zimbabwe yesterday recorded no coronavirus cases in a day.

This was revealed by the Ministry of Health and Child Care in its latest update. According to the ministry, of all the 16 RDT tests and 458 PCR tests done on Sunday, no single Covid19 case was recorded.

This is the second time since the outbreak of the disease on March 20 that no coronavirus case has been recorded in a day.

“The cumulative number of tests done to date is 66 712 (36 613 RDT and 30 099 PCR),” partly reads the statement from the ministry.

Zimbabwe has 567 confirmed cases, 142 recoveries and six deaths recorded in the last three months.

Other regional countries have recorded high numbers of Covid19 deaths with neighbouring South Africa recording 6 334 cases yesterday. The country has a cumulative number of 138 134 confirmed cases and 2 456 deaths.

On the other hand, Zambia has 1 557 confirmed cases and 22 mortalities.