A TEACHER from a primary school in Gokwe South in the Midlands is on the run following a spate of allegations of sexual assault and abuse of pupils.

Midlands provincial education director Mr Jameson Machimbira confirmed reports had been received and were being investigated.

The teacher was exposed when one of the photos he had taken with one of the victims was published on social media. The pictures have since gone viral on social media.

In one of the pictures, the teacher is seen fondling a girl’s breasts while in the other, the girl is sitting on his lap. It could not be ascertained where exactly the pictures were taken.

Mr Machimbira said the teacher disappeared soon after some of the assaulted and abused pupils reported him to the police.

The adult in the picture was confirmed to be a teacher at the primary school where one of the learners in the picture attended school.

“This is highly criminal and the case is under investigation and I am waiting for the report,” he said.

Mr Machimbira said although the authorities suspect that there may be several other cases, they are only investigating two cases that were brought to their attention.

Mugwira School Head Pictures grade 7

“There are two issues here, one is a criminal offence while the other has to do with professional conduct.

“Police have since launched a manhunt for the teacher who is now on the run,” he said.

Mr Machimbira said the ministry was also conducting its own investigations with the teacher likely to face a disciplinary action.

Midlands provincial police spokesperson Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko confirmed the police investigations.

According to sources, the teacher is accused of sexually assaulting and abusing the learners by having sexual intercourse with them resulting in some of the girls falling pregnant.

He is also accused of fondling pupils’ breasts, touching their buttocks and private parts. Herald