A haulage truck driver from Gokwe named Stephen Tshava(40) has been sentenced to three years in prison for causing a road traffic accident that led to the death of former Member of Parliament Sarah Mahoka. Tshava, who worked for Miravana Transport in Gweru, was charged with culpable homicide and was found guilty after a full trial at Karoi Magistrates Court.

The court determined that Tshava was driving recklessly, exceeding the speed limit, and overtaking on double continuous lines on a blind rise.

On March 17, 2022, Tshava collided head-on with a Toyota Prius while overtaking another vehicle, resulting in injuries to all four occupants.

Upon reaching the 195km peg along Harare-Chirundu highway, Tshava acted recklessly and overtook an unidentified car on a section of the road with double continuous markings.
Without a clear view of the road ahead, Tshava collided head-on with a Toyota Prius travelling in the opposite direction.
The accused person’s lorry dragged the smaller vehicle for a considerable distance resulting in injury of all its four occupants.

Mahoka was pronounced dead at Karoi District Hospital. The court sentenced Tshava to three years’ imprisonment, with one year suspended for five years on condition of good behavior, meaning he will effectively serve two years in jail.