The Zimbabwe Police Police (ZRP) in Gokwe have arrested Bornface Siamakweza in connection with the gruesome murder of his father, Tokisi Gareti Siamakweza (69) on 03/02/23 at Mukondo Village, Gokwe South.


The suspect allegedly cut the victim’s throat with a sickle for unknown reasons.


The suspect had been recently released from Hwahwa Prison after serving a four year prison sentence for a case of attempted murder involving his father in 2018.


Apparently, police in Harare have arrested Kumbirai Philemon Zengeya (54), Tsitsi Sadomba (44) and Timothy Zengeya (23) in connection with a case of attempted murder in which the suspects allegedly took turns to assault the victim, Sharon Chirima (30) with iron bars, ropes and fists before burning her body with wood after accusing her of stealing US$500 belonging to Kumbirai Zengeya.


Further, Kumbirai Zengeya allegedly forced the victim to drink an unknown substance before Tsitsi Sadomba inserted her fingers in the victim’s private parts.