A youthful entrepreneur based in the Midlands Province has called upon locals to ‘support the agenda of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’ after he handed over tiles and an assortment of building materials to Chief Njelele’s Court in Gokwe ahead of the Zimbabwe leader’s anticipated visit to the agrarian town for the Cultural Festival expected to get underway this weekend.

“As a patriotic Zimbabwean, I am calling upon all the youths from this community and other surrounding environs to rally behind our leader who is coming home for the Cultural Festival,” 33-year old Madron Matiza told Zwnews in an interview this week.

Matiza (R) with an emmissary from Chief Njelele’s kraal court during the handover of building materials

The province is also home to Mnangagwa who was at one time referred to as the ‘Midlands Godfather’ for his political influence in the ruling Zanu PF during the 37-year reign of the late former president, Robert Mugabe.

Speaking to our reporter, Matiza said the general populace from the cottton-producing community must give a hand during the preparatory phase of Mnangagwa’s homecoming.

“I think the president has done quite a lot for us as young Zimbabweans and we must always be prepared to provide any kind of support as a way of appreciating his priceless input for the betterment of all of us as a community. So, as an entrepreneur, I really felt compelled to support the president’s homecoming by contributing tiling and building materials to Chief Njelele’s court which has been given the honour to play host to our leader,” Matiza said.

According to Matiza, the Zimbabwe leader has been ‘working tirelessly to improve the plight of all citizens despite being let down by the damaging economic sanctions’.