Knives out for George Stark High School headmaster Mr Masimba Mupavaenda

This is so so oppressive and so so wrong. He has no right yekugera vana. Apihwa consent nema parents evana here. Why do we let such diabolical things happen in our country. If I were a parent of one the children, I would sue him in his personal capacity. That’s my grandson.

Parents Blast Headmaster For Forcefully Cutting Students’ Hair On Opening Day

Loser. Probably was bullied at school. Was never cool. Probably mediocre in class and had no girls. We see these types all the the time. They compensate by going into fields where they can oppress weaker humans coz they failed in real life. I wish a n** would touch my son’s hair
zándā tōto
Nick I’m with you 100%. Here’s a 15-year old straight A student from my loins. He would not have allowed the headmaster to touch his head. I caused change of hair policy at all schools my children went to. Hair has nothing to do with anything.
Nick Mangwana
Personally I have, Mhofu. It’s called hair vandalism and I detest all vandalism.
George Charamba
What’s with the kid’s hair? How does one’s hairstyle affect their learning, or in any case how does it affect the next learner? No offense intended but does it really matter? What’s your take?