Controversial Zimbabwe musician Hosiah Chipanga is very upset that local radio stations are refusing to play his music on air.

His latest album Gamba contains a salvo of anti Mugabe songs that moan  Zimbabwe’s current economic and political situation including gems like Vendor, KwaMarange, baba Abram and title track Gamba dedicated to the late Solomon Mujuru.

Chipanga touched on important questions like what killed Mujuru in Gamba, the looting of zimbabwe diamonds is spelt out in KwaMarange while Vendor is about the spiraling of vendors due to lake of proper employment in the country.

The sungura singer is aware that he is sometimes taken as an abnormal person by Zanu PF people and Mugabe.

But he still thinks Mugabe  should lend an ear to him as he has entertained advise from mad people before;

““They (CIOs) think I am mad but actually I am not. I just want Mugabe to give an ear to a “madman” like me since he once entertained a lunatic who claimed to have discovered diesel in Chinhoyi,” said Chipanga.