Was Evan Mawarire abducted by CIO agents, Is He in South Africa flying to USA for political asylum?

Where is This Flag Pastor Evan Mawarire today? Did he go into exile?

Latest news on ‘Pastor Evan Mawarire’ This Flag Zim’s sudden ddisappearance

ZimNews has been informed by a Harare based activist that they are worried for the safety of Pastor Evan Mawarire, his wife Samantha, children and his family following reports that he fled Zimbabwe for United States.

These worries stem from the fact that he may have been kidnapped by the very people who abducted Itai Dzamara.

this flag mawarire flees zimbabwe for asylum zwnews.com

Zimbabwe’s hardmen too much for Pastor Mawarire???

As of today Evan Mawarire’s facebook blog has not been updated, a very rare and strange thing especially for a person who has just staged a heroic show of resilience in the face of Opposition from president Mugabe’s Zanu PF government and Zimbabwe police.

ZimNews has been trying to get in touch with the French embassy and American embassies in Harare to get their view of the matter but was referred to Zimbabwe police who did not give any helpful information when contacted by our journalist.

Pastor Evan Mawarire with his wife and kids zwnews.com

Pastor Evan Mawarire, wife, Samantha and children

Whatever the case, ZimNews is almost certain that something is not right at This Flag Zimbabwe organisation.

What is even worse is that there is no response on his phone which appears to be switched off at the time of writing.

An anonymous reader atzwnews.com send a message suggesting Mawarire was smuggled out of the country via South Africa border by state  security agents who managed to trick him into believing that his life was in danger.

“All they want is to make sure he is out of the country and is not going to be leading any protests or demonstrations in Zimbabwe again,” said an individual by the name Silas.

Whatever happened to Mawarire and his family, zwnews.com can not confirm or deny these reports..

More news to follow..WWW.zwnews.com