Fungayi Moyana

In a dramatic incident that left the whole of Gutu growth point jaws dropped to the floor an angry parent allegedly stormed into the headmistress’s office at Mawere Primary School and took out his Okapi knife and threatened to kill the latter over unpaid fees.

It is reported that Pepukai Matungamidze of Matungamidze Village threatened to leave the headmistress intestines splashed all over the floor  for sending his child away due to unpaid school fees.

Makore recently allegedly threatened to stab Alice Mazuru the headmistress for sending away his child back home over school fees and the school security could do little since the accused was in possession of a dangerous weapon.

Matungamidze is said to have also warned Mazuru that she was going to kiss goodbye her career and the school if ever she sent his child away again.

The school head reported the matter to the police resulting in the arrest of Matungamidze.

The accused appeared before Gutu Magistrate Edwin Marecha who sentenced him to 3 months in prison which where wholly suspended as the magistrate demanded to know why the head had sent the child away from school as it is the government policy that no child should miss lessons over non payment of fees.