To Mr J Mamutse Secretary General Zimbabwe Football Association 53 Livingstone Ave HARARE
Dear Sir
Re: Status of Zimbabwe Football Association
We are advised by the Emergency Committee of COSAFA that as Zimbabwe Football Association is not in good standing due to the non-payment of financial dues to COSAFA, the terms of Article 27.6 which reads:

..A Member Association which fails to pay its annual subscription or other financial dues in terms of these Statutes shall lose all rights and privileges in COSAFA, provided that it shall remain bound by these Statutes and the duties and obligations imposed on every Member Association. Such Member Association shall be liable for suspension by the Executive Committee. Such a Member Association shall also be liable for penalties to be imposed by the Executive Committee.”
is consequently invoked. The Association may not attend any meeting or activity of COSAFA including the Annual General Meeting taking place on 25th January 2020.

You are therefore duly informed of this decision.
Yours sincerely
SUE DESTOMBES General Secretary