FORMER Highfield West Zanu-PF  MP Mr Psychology Maziwisa has been forced to eat humble pie and apply for an order authorising the sale of his child’s property, so as to mitigate the financial strain he is currently experiencing.

State media report that the former Mp, who lost his position in Zanu-Pf and is no longer a legislator is struggling to maintain his former standard of living which has prompted him to approach the high court seeking permission to dispose of a property he bought for his son years back.

In terms of the law, one cannot just sell a property registered in a minor’s name, unless the High Court, which is the upper guardian of all children, permits.

Mr Maziwisa has filed a chamber application at the High Court for the appointment of curator to represent the interests of the child in the sale of the property.

In his application, Maziwisa expressed that he was struggling to maintain the standard of living that his children had been exposed to especially after he lost employment.

”It is my submission that whilst indeed it might not be encouraged to sell any property at the moment and time especially considering the current economic situation in the country, the decision to dispose of the property will help ensure that the first applicant will invest in an income-generating project that will boost the family’s income,” reads part of the application.

Maziwisa is the director at fruitfull Communications, which is entangled in a legal wrangle and is not receiving any proceeds.

The matter is pending determination by the High Court.