Former NetOne boss Reward Kangai has implored the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) to take decisive action against looters of public funds.

He bemoans the delays in bringing public funds looters to book.

“Whilst the Namibian authorities have taken decisive action over the looters of public funds, NPA is still to act against the same characters allegedly linked to the NSSA US$95 million corruption & many other devastating scandals, some 3 years later!”

He was commenting on a 2021 social media post by John Makamure urging him to engage NPA on the matter he had raised.

“Furthermore Mr. Kangai please engage the NPA directly for progress update on prosecution.

“We have submitted dockets to NPA on the matters that you raise.

“Mataruka you mention is now deceased and we are now pursuing civil forfeiture of his assets.”