As the country continues to receive notable amount of precipitation flooding is slowly becoming an order for the day.

Floods have marooned public infrastructure the pictures taken along Beitbridge Rd, Mwenzi this morning.


Meanwhile, warnings of heavy downpours have been predicted starting off in the south-west and spreading north-eastward to cover much of the country, the Meteorological Service Department has said.

The department recently warned the public to be alert of flooding especially in low lying areas and wetlands.

In a statement issued on Sunday, MSD head of forecast James Ngoma highlighted that heavy rains of up to 30mm were forecasted.

“Thunderstorms coupled with strong winds are expected to pound much of the country, with the probability of flash floods very high.

“From the prevailing predominantly north-easterly airflow, a sharp shift in wind regimes is expected late tomorrow afternoon.”

MSD also pinpointed some of the areas to be most affected.

“Morning rain is forecast for provinces such as Matabeleland South, Masvingo, and southern areas of Manicaland. It should be mostly cloudy and slightly cooler than of late. Please take due precaution and always monitor your immediate environment.”