A Zimbabwe Republic Police boss, Assistant Inspector Calisto Mutero who is stationed at Nyabira Police Station, 34km north-west of Harare, was shot in the back on Monday night after being found stealing maize cobs at Gwebi College of Agriculture.

Officer Mutero who is reportedly battling for life at Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals was with his son and general worker, both juveniles when he was shot.

A security guard saw them and fired a warning shot that triggered the trio to run towards their getaway car.

The guard then shot towards the car in a bid to shoot the front wheel but he shot Mutero in the back.

Mutero and his accomplices, however, managed to flee from the scene. Detectives from Manyame district headquarters Criminal Investigations Department revisited the scene after Mutero’s car was found with a shattered driver’s window a kilometre from the scene.

The investigations led to the arrest of Mutero’s son who admitted to the theft and implicated
his father.