The recently sacked National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) executive members have been fingered in a 300 thousand United States Dollar misappropriation of funds meant for the rehabilitation of locomotives.

The government disbursed a total of 300 thousand United States dollars for the rehabilitation of NRZ locomotives this year.

However, ZBC reports that according to workers, the Engineer Lewis Mukwada-led executive used the funds to purchase luxury vehicles.

The development was confirmed by parastatal’s Public Relations Manager Mr Nyasha Maravanyika who said they are waiting for the auditor’s report before taking action.

“Yes the company recently bought vehicles for the managers but it would be folly for me to confirm that the cars were bought using monies that were diverted for locomotives.

And l think our former General Manager was asked about this in June and the cars are there.
Do you think the NRZ is in a position to be buying luxurious cars?

No, I think the Nrz is not in a position to buy for luxurious cars,” he said.

Workers who have not been receiving their salaries are furious amid revelations that those retrenched in 2016 are yet to receive their packages.

“Two months ago we lost some of our colleagues and funeral parlour wanted United States dollars and the company failed to pay for the funeral expenses saying the company does not generate forex. Now what surprises me is where the money is coming from.

“We are angry because these former executives do not have the workers at heart. They should just go without anything just like some of the workers that left in 2016. They should also feel how it is like to be jobless without money.,” they said.

It also emerged that the former executive members are demanding an exit package of 80 000 United States dollars each, full salary until last day of retirement and the purchased luxury vehicles.

The new dispensation is currently looking at options to ensure the revival of the NRZ, once the heartbeat of the rail sector in the region.