Controversial Norton Member of Parliament Temba Mliswa has called for the sacking and instant arrest of Vice President Kembo Mohadi over allegations of physical abuse towards his wife.

Mohadi is reported to have used an axe to break doors at 108 Impala Drive, the house he used to stay with her ex-wife Tambudzani Mohadi. He also allegedly threatened to shoot her but was restrained by his aide.

Writing on microblogging site Twitter on Monday, Mliswa said:

What happened to all the rape allegation dockets and cigarette smuggling assertions? It’s so sad @edmnangagwa allows himself to be surrounded by such a criminal of a VP. I’m looking forward to my day in court when I can expose all the V11s on him.

In the meantime, women must stand up in solidarity with Senator Tambudzani Mohadi. @zimbabwewomen @ZimWomenLawyers @ZimWomenInPolit @WomensActionFH @MusasaProject @WHO it shouldn’t matter if she was married to the VP or not, the law must take its course, no one is above the law.

Where are the Proportional Representation MPs at a time like this? They need to speak out against this injustice, what more opportunity do they need to prove their solidarity and mettle?

The Domestic Violence Act [Chapter5:16] Section 6(1) provides that…. the question then begs….was he arrested and will he be appearing before a court today and if not, why not? Is it an abuse of State Security and Office? Is that not a further offence?

No wonder RGM didn’t want him as VP, it’s an embarrassment to the country. What is Hon. Ziyambi as the Minister of Justice doing about this?

But then again after fighting for PG Goba’s removal to avoid being exposed, should we hold our breaths? We can’t continue like this…

This is the corruption that has eroded the moral fabric of our society. it’sthe same vein that is delaying the release of the Auditor-General’s forensic audit of @nssazw