By Kelvin Kasiwulaya in Shurugwi: Mourners were left shell shocked at a funeral gathering in Shurugwi after a grieving mum ‘stole’ the corpse of her 38 year old son.

The incident which has left tongues wagging in the mining town, occurred on Tuesday last week when Nee Chiriga sprang off with the body of Webster Chiriga under the pretext that she wanted to engage in a spiritual consultation to find the cause of her son’s death.

Family spokesperson Wonder Chiriga who is also a brother to the deceased said:

On Tuesday at around 1900hrs my mother came with her brother….without notifying anyone they ordered some guys to load Webster’s corpse in an open truck, the guys who loaded the truck did not know that the corpse was being stolen….just after loading the corpse mourners came to me….I was at the shops and asked me if funeral arrangements had changed since the body had been loaded into a truck.

I ran home and found the truck taking off we tried chasing after it but our efforts were fruitless.

I phoned Shurugwi Central police station to notify them of the incident.

Chiriga also revealed that they had bought a grave from Shurugwi City Council but the body was stolen and supposedly buried in Bikita.

Police sources at Shurugwi Central Police Station confirmed the incident but pointed out that this might be a burial place dispute being presented as theft…… more to follow this is a developing story