Image- Zbc

Award-winning film director, Jonathan Samkange has launched a new movie which is expected to take the Zimbabwean film experience to new heights, reports Zbc News.

Just after receiving an award for the Best Musical Video Director at the National Arts Merit Awards (NAMA) last Saturday, Samkange is set to release a new film titled ‘Taxi.’

Samkange believes a well-crafted and adequately resourced film can help instil a sense of pride in a nation.

“Our values as Zimbabweans and Africans at large, and most of the things we care about we have seen on television.

“Our idea of society, our idea of marriage, even the idea that some people are superior to us from the way they present themselves to us is in most cases transmitted through film.

“It is a common experience that most children love watching screens and it should be taught in every screenplay that everyone is of importance.

“If that screen continuously shows that you are not relevant, but someone else is more important and better than you, it will affect your culture and values which I find to be wrong.”