An upmarket Covid-19 returnee quarantine centre located at Rainbow Towers Hotel in Bulawayo was turned into a war zone after a very angry husband stormed the place to beat up returnees accused of having bedroom gymnastics with his wife at the facility.

Sources say there were fistfights at the hotel which is hosting cash rich people who were working on a cruise ship overseas. The fights are reported to have started when the husband of one of the women under mandatory quarantine learned that his wife was servicing the younger men who are staying at the centre.

In a fit of jealousy and rage, the husband in question went to the hotel where he confronted the people he suspected of sleeping with his wife. The arguments escalated and quickly degenerated into fistfights.

A source who spoke to the online publication 263Chat revealed more details saying,

“…one of the women caused a fight as someone informed her husband outside that she was having sex with different guys here at the hotel and it resulted in a fight from 10 pm till 1am.

“Half the people here are youth and are disgracing the hotel and because we don’t provide condoms here, some were even asking us to bring morning-after pills,”

The source went on to say that the people at the quarantine centre were disregarding rules during their stay. They are alleged to be partying and sleeping around despite the need to maintain social distancing.

“From the day they arrived, they have been having drunken orgies and are even bribing staff members to smuggle in alcohol after hours and to also bring them condoms because we don’t provide.

“You can hear loud sex in the hallways and most of them are married so they are sleeping with the young boys here.

“They are meant to be sleeping individually in their rooms but they sneak around at night. We have five confirmed cases and yet they are not adhering to the rules,”

Returned residents are reported to be paying between US$100-180 per day per person to stay at the upmarket quarantine centre.