The country’s informal sector is apparently gripped with fear, anxiety and confusion as the much-hyped #ShutDownZimbabwe initiative which has gained widespread traction on social media continues to draw closer.
Monday 9 May, 2021, has tentatively been set as the day Zimbabweans, the majority of whom are in the informal sector, will stay home as a way of expressing dissence over worsening economic woes that continue to bedevil the southern African nation.
But, investigations carried out by Zwnews indicate that, the closer the day approaches, the more fearsome and confused anxious Zimbabwe informal traders appear to be.
As the confusion reigns supreme with #ShutDownZimbabwe tick-tocking towards May 9, the question that many in the informal sector continue to ask remains:
“Is it really true?”
At the same time, pressure groups and establishments hard hit by the biting economic woes, intensify their campaigns urging the citizenry to ‘stay home and be safe’.
Rabble rousing #TeamPachedu is one such group robustly advocatong for the shutdown.
”On Monday 9 May, we are all shutting down Zimbabwe to express our dissatisfaction with the Government. Stay home, stay away, stay safe! #ShutDownZimbabwe,” Team Pachedu said on social media.
But will it work? The nation waits.