A foiled armed robbery took a tragic turn last week when an armed robber lost his life and three others sustained severe injuries after their getaway vehicle collided with a tree during a high-speed pursuit by vigilant residents of Palmerstone suburb in Mutare.

The incident unfolded when a gang of armed individuals, identified as Tonderai Mukoroko, Tafadzwa Manyengavana, Brian Badza, and Griven Chipande, targeted a family in Palmerstone. Despite gaining entry into the house, they abruptly abandoned their mission following a disturbance created by the victim, Mr. Calvin Munyu, who alerted his neighbors by honking their cars.

As the robbers attempted to flee the scene in their vehicle, they were pursued by Mr. Munyu and his neighbors, leading to a collision near Grants Service Station. Tragically, Griven Chipande succumbed to his injuries upon admission to Victoria Chitepo Provincial Hospital, while the remaining three accomplices, Mukoroko, Manyengavana, and Badza, were apprehended and subsequently appeared before Mutare magistrate Mrs. Annie Ndiraya, facing armed robbery charges.

According to Acting Manicaland provincial police spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Wiseman Chinyoka, the gang had also targeted another individual, Mr. William Matizha, earlier in the night, robbing him of US$50. Items recovered from the scene included weapons and stolen valuables.

Recalling the terrifying ordeal, Mr. Munyu recounted his confrontation with one of the robbers, expressing gratitude for his neighbors’ swift response, which averted a potentially tragic outcome. Despite the harrowing experience, he remains thankful for the community’s solidarity and swift action in apprehending the perpetrators.