Fungayi Moyana

The new ‘gold rush’ in Zimbabwe for goats has turned sour after a farmer was robbed of 38 goats by kombi thugs masquerading as beer drinkers at Nyazvidzi farm in Gutu.

Augastine Tsikirai Takaona  a farmer in Gutu is counting his losses after a group of thieves in a white kombi descended on his farm recently and loaded 38 goats into the vehicle before taking off at getaway speed heading off towards the Gutu-Buhera road.

The suspects arrived at around 4pm in the afternoon,disembarked  from a white Toyota Hiace kombi and started drinking beer from a bottle store in Takaona’s farm.

The crew comprised of five middle aged males and three teenage boys.

Sensing trouble, Angeline Takaona confronted the crew about what their business was at the farm and they verbally assaulted her accusing her of not having customer care for bottlestore customers.

As these thugs were out on a mission  some of them were seen roaming around fields and gardens  waiting for a perfect opportunity to strike.

Unfortunately the goats that were locked out of a disused garden have been let out by one of the farm workers.

At some point, about five man climbed into the kombi pretended to be leaving the farm and went on to load all the 38 goats into the Kombi.

The thugs then  drove to Buhera and they have not yet been found.