The family of the late former Government Accountant-General, Daniel Muchemwa who passed away in Harare yesterday, is suspecting foul play in the death of their relative.
Although medical doctors say Muchemwa succumbed to cancer of the bone marrow when he breathed his last at Dandaro Hospital in Borrowdale Sunday morning, events preceding his death has led to the suspicion of foul play in his demise.
A family member told the online Zim Morning Post that Muchemwa is ‘a victim of speaking truth about corruption in Zimbabwe’.
“Well people die on God’s time but we believe our father, brother, grandfather and friend did not die of natural causes,” a family member was quoted as saying.
“Of course he was diagnosed of cancer a few months ago and spent a bit of time at West End clinic and all but we have strong reasons to believe that he is a victim of speaking truth about corruption in this country,” added the family member.
Muchemwa grabbed newspaper headlines after he opened a can of worms on the alleged abuse of unaccounted funds for the Command Agriculture scheme by Sakunda Holdings.
After his controversial dismissal, the Government held on to Muchemwa’s exit benefits which include his car and part of the severance package. There is also suspicion that Muchemwa, who served under deposed late Zimbabwe leader Robert Mugabe, was relieved of his duties as part of a scheme by incumbent President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s purge of the late Mugabe’s loyalists.
“We suspect some people who had something to hide within the ministry or any other government department might have had a hand in the inducement of this so called cancer,” the family member added.
Funeral arrangements were not yet clear during the time of publishing and mourners are gathered at Number 437 Antelope Road, Mandara.