SINGER and businesswoman, Faith Candy, is fuming after being implicated in the ongoing minor sexual abuse storm with the alleged perpetrator, Munyaradzi Chauraya.

Candy is being accused of pushing for a romantic affair with Munyaradzi, on social media platforms.

The dealer pulled a shocker yesterday when he said his manhood had something unique and was thus different from the one on the video, and will challenge any claim that it is his manhood.

Several posts are alleging Candy and her confidante, Mai TT, are fighting to bring back Munyaradzi into her love life.

There are claims they once dated but Candy has dismissed the reports.

It is alleged that the fight against Munyaradzi was meant to blackmail the dealer to return to Candy after he was ‘snatched’ by Natalie Taruvinga, the mother of the victim.

However, Candy has dismissed any relationship with Munyaradzi.

“We refer to the ongoing false, malicious and baseless rumours about her private life posted on a public Facebook Group,” said Michael Shoko, the public relations consultant for Candy.

“Whilst Faith usually chooses to remain silent on social media rumours, the ordeal involving the alleged sexual abuse of a minor is a serious issue that calls for our undivided attention.

“Reference is made regarding the man in a video who is seen letting a child touch his manhood.

“We want to clarify and emphasise that Faith Candy is not in a relationship with the alleged abuser; neither has she been in one, nor have the two ever met,”

Added the statement:

“Allegations that the abuse is being exposed as a vindictive way to fight the child’s mother for snatching her boyfriend from Faith are not just false but also hateful, heinous and defamatory.

“Peddling false accusations will only serve to divert attention and benefit alleged abusers.

“We are aware of the social media group that started the rumours, and we are taking legal action against the perpetrators.

“To the nation of Zimbabwe and the world, let us take crimes of abuse of minors with the seriousness they deserve and eradicate this ill from society.”

Below are some of the comments from a Facebook Group, ‘Mafirakureva Chipoko Nation’:

Mai TT inzwa safunge kuti u are clever sha. you embarrassed Natalie in front of the world like you care about mwana. This has nothing to do nemwana this fight yave yako na Faith Candy . . . Faith Candy was dating Munyaradzi and Munyaradzi akaramba Candy akanodanana na Natalie ndozvamuri kurwira izwi. — Irene Sibanda.


Last month Candy called Munyaradzi for love back akaramba and ndiwe wanga wanyepa kuna Munya kusvika arova Natalie. 100 percent sure kuti u are revenging for Candy not because u care about mwana. That’s why uribusy kuda kusungisa Natalie. — Regina Mix.


Hasha dziya kunaNatalie pane zvimwe zvakanga kafambira kaSatan kaye. Inyaya dzemujolo dzakasimudza Faith Kenduza uyo naFeridh**** uyo vanga vatogara vaine video yemwana vachithretena Munya kuti ukasanditora back ndikuimwaya pamedia. Munya bvaaramba akati haachade nezvake Kenduza ndobva vafurirana neiro ZimurandaMadzihwa kunoita jambanja kumba kwaNatalie nhasi kuhwanda nemwana. Dai akadzokerana naKenduza pasina kana action yawamboita duzvi iwe. — Phamela Tamira.


Une hutsinye Feridhongo.Dai waiva nehanya nemwana wakaenda kare asi nekuti ziMunya renyu raramba ziKenduza iro makunoita noise kwaNatalie. Sorry nhanha hope you get justice from people who really care. — Phamela Tamirah.

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