ED’s administration maintained links of communication with Kasukuwere while he was in exile

Zwnews Chief Correspondent: The return of Saviour Kasukuwere from self-imposed exile few days ago and the fact that he was not arrested have left people with more questions than answers.

Meanwhile, it has since been alleged that Kasukuwere was President Emmerson Mnangagwa (ED)’s spy planted in the Generation 40 group to inform him of the group’s plans and movements.

According to a former ZANU PF insider, Kasukuwere has had strong working relations with ED stemming from years back when he was a driver of at the  Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) whilst Mnangagwa was a CIO chief.

The insider who hails from Mashonaland Central, Kasukuwere’s home area, claimed that it was because of the informer (Kasukuwere) that ED was aware of all the G40 deliberations.

“Before he actually joined politics, we knew Kasukuwere as a driver of a top CIO agent in Manicaland where he is believed to have met with ED. Though not clear, at that time some people even went as far as thinking that Mnangagwa was the very CIO boss he was working for,” said the former insider.

Before returning home last week, Kasukuwere had spent six month in self-imposed exile after running away along with the other G40 members when Mugabe fell from power, he was labelled one of the most wanted corrupt elements by ED’s government.

As if to confirm that nothing will happen to him, Kasukuwere looked composed and very relaxed as if in fear of nothing when he recently touched down at the Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport.

On his arrival, he was briefly detained by police, before being released with no charges levelled against him. Responding on the matter, the source said the brief detention was only meant to deceive the public so as to display a hostile relationship between ED and Kasukuwere.

In the same light, political analyst, Walter Wakabikwa recently told Zwnews.com in an interview that ED’s administration maintained links of communication with Kasukuwere while he was in exile and that his return could have been an agreed move, probably with certain conditions.

Wakabikwa said during the time Kasukuwere was away, he was said to have had been in constant and direct touch with Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga, supposedly discussing developments in the G40 and National Patriotic Front(NPF). zwnews