I can’t afford either the luxury or the pleasures of things such as a holiday..Kasukuwere

Exiled former Zanu-PF national political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere has said that he will be returning home soon from exile. Kasukuwere fled the country when the military attacked his home at the onset of the military intervention in November last year. Kasukuwere declared that he has nothing to fear and dared the new authorities to take him to court. In an interview, Kasukuwere said,

“Home is home and Zimbabwe remains my country. We were accused of corruption and that means we are the centre of destroying the economy. The reason I will go back home is that if I did commit a crime, then I must be brought before the courts and charged. I must answer to the charges of the crimes that I did commit in the country.

“It’s courage that should drive you to say:  ‘Let me face whatever has to come my way.’ Why should you carry the stigma of being a criminal when you have not stolen anybody’s money? If you are charged with corruption and there is evidence of that corruption, so be it.”

Talking about tough life in foreign lands, Kasukuwere revealed how he is now a low life fugitive not able to afford simple things like helpers and a holiday.

“Once you have left your nation, it’s not easy, it’s not pleasant at all. For the first time, I have a better understanding and deeper knowledge of how citizens feel. It is not a pleasant thing at all, it’s something that none of us should ever wish on anybody … We must learn to resolve our issues and find each other.

“I have had to adapt to the environment, live within my means and do away with yesterday’s appetites. I can’t afford either the luxury or the pleasures of things such as a holiday, all those things are no longer a priority.

“Where I used to drive around with lots of security personnel, it’s gone. I have had to learn to take care of myself. I always used to tell people to get ready for a ‘rainy day’ and to never get used to having someone carrying your bags,” he said.

Kasukuwere also denied reports that he has apologised to President Emmerson Mnangagwa and claims by Jonathan Moyo that he has been negotiating with the military for the past 5 months.  Said Kasukuwere,

“Why should I talk to them? If I have apologised to them, why would I still be in exile?”

Few weeks ago Kasukuwere’s comrades in exile Patrick Zhuwao, Mugabe’s nephew, and Jonathan Moyo(former government minister) turned against him saying he was now returning home to lead a dubious opposition movement with full support of the military government in Harare.

This came few days after Kasukuwere had posted a message online indicating that he was missing home and would do anything to return to his beloved Zimbabwe.  times