In a development that is reflective of the catastrophe of fake news on social networking platforms, esspecially WhatsApp, a Karoi-based primary school teacher whose public appeal for food handouts dominated various group chats over the weekend, has told Zwnews that he never received donations from well-wishers as falsely claimed.

The social media is now bloated with pictures of allegedly donated foodstuffs but Fanny Mutucha, who is a teacher at Kapena Primary School in rural Karoi, has not received anything as yet.

There are also allegations on social media claiming that Mutucha, who made a public plea for his ‘starving family’ to get help, had received foreign currency  remmitances totalling to US$135 plus ZWL$13 328 on Ecocash.

He, in turn, denies ever getting the money, saying it is the work of his enemies who want to block his family from getting assistance.

“(This is) Fake news (being) posted by people who are against my appeal. This was done to stop people from donating,” Mutucha told Zwnews.

Last week the teacher publicly revealed that his net salary for June was ZWL$2 008.23, saying he can hardly afford a bucket of maize which costs US$3.

“I am appealing for well wishers who can help me with money or food to feed the starving family. By now the family have little food which we eat only once per day,” said Mutucha in a message that went viral on social media last week.

The rural teacher was also hesitant to talk to a Zwnews staffer, saying he is now being targeted by some ‘vultures’ from the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education.

“There are vultures from the ministry who are trying to nail me so I don’t know who to trust. Sorry cde,” Mutucha said.

His appeal for assistance has attracted national attention with many ‘sympathising’ with the country’s teachers over the ‘peanuts’ they are getting from their employer.

more details to follow…