Former Zambian President Edgar Lungu has been accused of working with some elements in Zimbabwe to undermine his successor Hakainde Hichilema.

Renowned Zambian politician Joseph Kalimbwe says Lungu after attending his friend President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa’s inauguration started ‘misbehaving.’

“This man is a danger to our nation’s future prospects.

“After attending the Inauguration in Harare, he began disrespecting our leader.

“Later folks in Harare began openly speaking about how Mwanawasa died.

“Lungu is working with foreign elements in Zimbabwe to undermine Hichilema,” he says.

Lungu and Mnangagwa are friends dating from their university days, in Zambia.

Mnangagwa stayed in Zambia during Zimbabwe’s liberation struggle and studied his law degree at University of Zambia where he met Lungu.

Apparently, Zimbabwe’s relationship with Zambia soured after the Southern African Development Community observer mission led by former Zambian vice president Nevers Mumba condemned the polls.

The government of Zimbabwe accused Mumba of trying to cause regime change.

The regional body’s mission along with observer missions said the elections failed to meet guidelines for free and fair polls.