Former speaker of Parliament Lovemore Moyo’s United Movement for Devolution (UMD) has launched its 2023 election manifesto.

The manifesto is centred on a pledge to implement devolution in order to promote political stability and economic growth in the country.

The manifesto was launched in Njube on Saturday under the theme: “A transformative Agenda for total reconstruction of State power.”

UMD was formed on 7 April 2018 and performed badly in the general elections that same year.

None of its parliamentary and council candidates won.

Speaking during the launch, party President Moyo said his administration will work hard to bring development in the country and denounced the concentration of power around one person:

“We don’t just want change or remove individuals for the sake of replacing them.

“We seek politics that brings a developmental programme to empower people. Our focus is on devolved power, not power that resides in one place with one person.”

Meanwhile, UMD became the first party in the country to launch a manifesto ahead of the much awaited 2023 general elections.