Ethiopian Airlines has blamed lack of notice to airmen (NOTAM) after its cargo flight recently landed at a new airport, which is yet to be commissioned with 90 per cent works done so far.

The Cargo flight made a safe landing at Ndola Airport in Zambia which is still under construction and not yet ready for landings.

Meanwhile, in a statement, following the incident, the airline noted that details of what transpired are under investigations, and blamed lack of notice to flight crew.

“Although details of the incident are under investigation in coordination with the Zambian Aeronautical Authorities, the fact that there was no NOTAM issued regarding the construction of the new airport, which has the same runway heading orientation with the existing one and the close proximity between the two airports may have contributed to the incident,” the airline stated.

The Airline added:

“As always Ethiopian Airlines takes flight safety very seriously and treats it as the top most priority and accordingly it will take all necessary corrective and preventive measures in line with the findings of the investigation.”