Elephants have become a menace in Kariba urban. The marauding Jumbos have killed people and caused destruction to property.

One mentally challenged man had his testicles knocked off by an enraged elephant while asleep.

Residents are now living in fear of the gigantic animals as they are now invading residential areas as early as 4pm and only leaving around 8am which time people would still be coming and going to work respectively.

People are calling upon government to empower Zimparks to enhance its patrols to manage the dangerous animals.

Alarms raised by residents about enraged elephants in the vicinity have not been responded to ostensibly due to lack of transport.

People are now threatening to deviously deal with the menace. Poisoning is one such move being thrown around.

It is critical that Zimparks carries massive awareness campaigns to assist residents deal with wild animals in their midst.

There is need for them to use the local radio station which however requires to be paid. It may appear costly but no cost is greater than that of lost lives.