A girl doing Form 2 at Tafara Secondary School in Mwenezi brought the local courts to a standstill on Thursday last week when she broke into a loud and sharp wail after her 24-old boyfriend was sent behind bars for 25 months for statutory rape.
The girl (15) who cannot be named for ethical reasons continued sobbing uncontrollably for the next 30 minutes reluctant to leave the court premises without her sweet lover.
Her mother who had reported the boyfriend for statutory rape had a terrible time trying to calm her down as she cried while sitting in a veranda outside the courtroom.
People at the court were shocked by the girl and not sure whether to sympathise with her or to sancation her.
Adonis Kumura (24) of Ranganai village under Chief Neshuro pleaded guilty to the offence and told Magistrate Honesty Musiiwa that he committed the crime out of ignorance because he thought that the complainant was above the legal age of consent because of her big body. He said that he slept with the complainant four times before the matter was reported to the Police.
Magistrate Musiiwa suspended 10 months of the sentence on condition that he does not commit a crime of the same nature in five years.
It was the State case that from February 1, 2019 to February 28, 2019, Kumura had sexual intercourse on four different occasions with the juvenile. The minor decided to tell her mother about the affair when the two lovers started having problems.
The matter was reported to the Police and the complainant was referred to hospital.
“I know she is a school child but I only slept with her four times and never thought she was young because of her large body my Lord. I discovered later that she was 15 years and it was difficult for us to stop,” said Kumura.