General Secretary of the Zimbabwe Council of Churches (ZCC) Rev Kenneth Mtata says elections will not solve Zimbabwe’s crisis.

Speaking on a programme, The Insight with Mpofu Bernard, Mtata said when the liberation struggle was executed there was a spiritual dimension to it, the military dimension as well as the political dimension.

He says as a solution to the country’s problem is being sought, the spiritual dimension must also be part of the process, just like others.

Mtata points out that the national dialogue does not translate to power sharing arrangements, neither is it about replacing ZANU PF with MDC.

“We have a crisis in Zimbabwe in that we have some deep insecurities about the future. The future is designed in such a way that it takes no prisoners if I was in power I would imagine that if I lose that power, I will be vulnerable, so what do I do when we go to elections, elections becomes useless,” he adds.

He further says before the nation implemented the Constitution, it should have created a sphere where people feel secure.

“We are seeing so much corruption because people are working in an environment of insecurity. So they accumulate as much as they can while in power,” he says.

Mtata adds that as long as the church is living in an environment of deep insecurity the church becomes a place of hypocrisy, preaching against corruption, but on the other hand its members practicing corruption.

He calls for a new national social contract. “In many areas we need to draw a line to say the things that happened in the past must not be repeated,” he told The Insight.