MAIN opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) party leader, Nelson Chamisa, has assured Zimbabweans that the same God who rescued the people of Israel from the wrath of Pharaoh in Egypt will also intervene to lead them out of the ‘bondage’ of the long-ruling Zanu PF party under the leadership of President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Chamisa made the remarks while posting on his official Twitter account this Saturday morning.

“GOD IS IN IT…The same God who led the Israelites out of bondage is the same God who will lead us out our Egypt,” Chamisa wrote.

He also added saying:

“This reality must sink! Did the Israelists lose? NO! If God is on our side we do not lose. Oh God, do to us what you did to the Israelites. Blessed Sabbath my beloved #Godisinit“.

Below, we publish some of the reactions by Twitter users to Chamisa’s post.

Read on:

If Pharaoh refuses to let us out of this bondage, may the Lord send plagues to the Oppressor. We’re sick and tired of being sick and tired…– Mudhara Jonz Zimbabwe

Good Morning Mr President. Happy Sabbath.– Nokkie

Blessed Sabbath mongameli wethu! Votela u President @nelsonchamisaNgo August 23! Mahlabezulu hamba uyevota ungesabi lutho! Vota ngokuthula! Vote CCC yonkindawo ! Konke kuzolunga! Asambeni! Vote CCC MPs and councillors kwese kwese!– CCC Bulawayo North

Please don’t forget God is for everyone not just for you alone. You still have to plan and work for your aspirations. It seems you leave everything to God and do very little preparations. The manner you messed up candidate selection and the subsequent nomination is just pathetic– Taka

Mr President ndeip yenyu, faka pressure. I want to say kudos to everyone who contributed financially towards funding the nomination fees etc that was job well done. Hanzi hatina mastructure ivo ndivo vasina brain– ILoveZim

Amen President ..People take God for granted ..Many will be shocked after Zec announces you as the Winner…Our land will be healed and hope will be restored among citizens again.God bless President– learnytwolions

The same God had a transparent guy in Moses who led his people to those victories. Haana kuita zvemusoro wake pakutungamira even pakusarudza the elders. Aiudzwawo achiteerera Moses. Ainge asina vatuki vaimudzivirira kubva kune vaimuudza. Izvi kwete.– Chikomborero Mazvita