There was drama at Town House in Harare this afternoon as Special Anti Corruption Unit (SACU) detained all councillors, staff management, and journalists who were attending a full Council meeting.

This follows after Deputy Mayor Luckson Mukunguma who was chairing the meeting ran away.

Meanwhile, according to 263Chat all the councillors, staff, management and journalists who were detained by the Special Anti-Corruption Unit during a Council meeting at Town House in Harare have been arrested.

It is reported that they were bundled into trucks and take to Harare Central Police Station.

The SACU is a corruption crack team which was set up by President Emmerson Mnangagwa in his office.

Meanwhile, urban local authorities in the country which are predominantly run by opposition parties have been accused of corruption.

Most recently, this has seen a number of councillors and council senior management being arrested for allegedly engaging in corrupt land deals.