Former ZANU PF Member of Parliament for Chivi South Killer Zivhu has mocked the ruling party which is trying at all cost to stop former cabinet minister Saviour Kasukuwere from participating in the forthcoming presidential election.

Zivhu says a big party which is seeking 5 million votes should not be given sleepiness nights by people like Kasukuwere to the extent of going to court in order to stop him.

“Kasukuwere watorema zvokudaro here guys, kubva mamhanyira ku High Court, inga half of the Candidates stays out of the country, a strong Party that is expecting 5 million votes, must not allow this rubbish to happen, take steps away from Mugabe’s methods,” he says.

His sentiments comes after a well known ZANU PF activist filed a court application seeking to have Kasukuwere barred from taking part in the forthcoming elections.

Zivhu says both Citizens Coalition for Change president Nelson Chamisa and independent candidate Kasukuwere can not defeat Mnangagwa.

“Kasukuwere and Chamisa cannot beat ED, but their votes will cause a run off, AFRICA and the World will call for inclusive government, to avoid the 2008 scenario, this is a calculated game, zvimwe tererayi kana vekwa Chivi vachitaura,” he adds.

He also warned the ZANU PF regime that only reforms will see sanctions imposed against the country removed.

“Those dreaming that sanctions will go, because of interviews and Twitter campaigns, they are just crazy people seeking attention, only normal reforms can do that, the rest is wasting time and resources.”